Luann Udell

Fiber, polymer, mixed media

Artifacts from lost cultures and imagined prehistories

I make all kinds of artifacts. I imagine myself an ancient artist working in ivory and soapstone. I dream of giving these to people I love, people who wear them daily until they are worn smooth by the touch of human hands.

The first artifacts I made were running horses. They run in perfect freedom. They said, be the artist you've always dreamed of being.

The second artifacts were fish -- fossil fish. Buried in deep layers of sediment, they dream of forgotten oceans. They told me to swim hard, no matter how far away the water seems

The third artifacts were bears. When things got hard, they told me to be strong, and brave, and to think more slowly. This is when I began to write professionally.

The fourth artifacts were birds. They bring songs and messages from the far corners of the earth. They urged me to tell more stories.

The fifth artifact was a bull, a gift for a wise woman. Her wisdom is rich and deep, and her birth sign is Taurus. The bull reminds me to give thanks.

The sixth artifact is an otter. He reminds me to always be playful and enjoy every minute of life.